Dr.Clauder KITTEN Milk-200 grams

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Large litters, not enough milk and weak kittens are risk factors that must be dealt with especially in the early stages of a litter. Kitten Milk+ replaces the mother’s milk for kittens, strengthens the nurturing cat, or it can be used to strengthen old or weakened animals. Kitten Milk+ emulates real cat’s milk. Well tolerated, no bloating, no diarrhoea. It helps kittens to grow healthy and strengthens old and weak cats without putting any undue strain on the organism.

  • Optimally tolerated mother’s milk substitute
  • Supplementary feed to relieve the mother
  • With omega-3 and fructooligosaccharides (FOS)
  • Covers the extreme protein needs of the cat
  • Strengthens old and weak cats.

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