Josi Bentonite Cat Litter with Scent 5 L

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Josi Bentonite Cat Litter with Scent 5 L

Josi Bentonite Cat Litter, made of the high quality bentonite as raw materials, and use the most advanced production and processing technology, being the strong clumping and the best effective deodorization. And It is easier and more convenient to scoop the used cat litter. The unique leading dust removal process can keep household environment refreshing for a long time.

Ball cat litter features:

  • Strong and fast absorption ability;
    Absorb pet urine and peculiar smell within a couple of seconds fully, restrain the growth of bacteria, keep the cat litter surface dry and clean, keep the air fresh.
  • Hard clumping and easy to clean up;
  • 99% dust free ;
  • Montmorillonite content is above 80%.
  • Red and blue particles, Beautiful & enjoyable

Josi Litter is quality natural product made from natural source which possesses very high moisture and odor absorbing capabilities. The material is specially processed to form clumps around feces and urine of the pet, keeping the litter tray dry. It inhibits bacterial growth.

Josi Bentonite Cat Litter

Bentonite cat litter specification

Type ball shape bentonite cat litter
Size 1-3.5mm
Dust 5mg/m³
Raw material bentonite
Compressive stength 10N min
Moisture ≤10%
Water Absorption ﹥400%
coagulability ﹥80g
Deodorization rate 99%
Proportion 0.8gml
Popular Bags Package 5L-4kg;  10L-8kg;  5kg; 10kg;  20kg;   24kg
Bags Type Normal three sides sleaed bags; Four sides sealed standing up bags,Woven bags
Scent  Popular is : Coffe, Lemon, Apple, Rose, Lavender etc. any scent you need
Color grey
Feature Low dust, fast&strong clumping,good odor control,Fast Absorption
Disposal:Decomposable, Not dissolvable in water, NOT flushable.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg

Apple Scent, Baby Powder Scent


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