Wanpy Adult Cat Tasty Meat Paste Chicken & Carrot 90 g Pouch

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Wanpy Chicken & Carrot wet cat food is a delicious meat paste with chicken, bonito and carrots. It is a valuable and useful inclusion in the daily diet of cats to keep your pet healthy as well as provide longevity of activity.

Why buy wet cat food Wanpy Meat paste Chicken with Carrots:

  • tasty and healthy addition to the daily diet of cats;
  • prevention of urolithiasis: helps to correct the water balance, especially if the cat does not drink enough;
  • healthy appetite support: unrivalled flavour thanks to healthy chicken and bonito fillets;
  • grain-free;
  • free of artificial flavours;
  • strengthens immune system (vitamin E);
  • well digested, easy to assimilate;
  • weight control and diabetes prevention: the fat content is only 0.1%, which is important for sterilised and inactive pets, as well as for cats prone to obesity;
  • excellent food during transport of the pet: convenient packaging, plus both food and drink at the same time;
  • chicken fillet ? a valuable source of easily digestible animal protein with a rich composition of vitamins and amino acids in the necessary proportions for your pet;
  • bonito ? a worthy source of easily digestible protein, fish oil (Omega-3 fatty acids), various vitamins (A, E, B12) and minerals (calcium, magnesium, molybdenum, sodium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, nickel, fluorine), strengthens the cardiovascular and nervous system, useful for brain function, joint health and visual acuity;
  • taurine is an important component of cat and kitten food as it is not synthesised in the body of cats, but is essential for heart health, brain health, reproductive system, gallbladder health, and visual acuity;
  • carrot is an excellent source of fibre, essential for healthy digestion;
  • recommended for adult cats and kittens over 3 months of age;
  • easy to store and use: the packaging is sealed with a cover.


INGREDIENTS: chicken, carrot, bonito, starch, sodium chloride, taurine, vitamins, colourants approved in the EU and Ukraine.

ADDITIVES: vitamin A (3a672a), vitamin B2 (3a825i), vitamin B3 (3a314), vitamin B5 (3a841), vitamin D3 (3a671), vitamin E (3a700), xanthan gum (E 415, food emulsifier), red iron oxide (E 172).


Wanpy Chicken & Carrot wet food is recommended for adult cats of all breeds and kittens over 3 months of age. Always provide an adequate supply of fresh drinking water for your cat.

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